2018 1oz Hummingbird

£1,005.91 (VAT Free)

The one ounce Hummingbird coin is a collectable 24-carat pure SMO gold coin. It contains one troy ounce of fine gold and is 99.99% pure. Crafted solely from gold produced in 2018 at the Yanfolila mine and plant in Mali, West Africa, these coins are certified SMO gold coins. Learn more about SMO gold here.

The face of the coin depicts the Hummingbird – the eponymous company emblem – while the reverse of the coin is decorated with the portrait of Musa I of Mali, thought to be the richest man in history. Each coin is presented in a protective plastic case and customers also have the option to purchase a handmade leather-bound coin box once the item has been added to the shopping basket.

Hummingbird Resources Plc launched the sale of the one ounce Hummingbird this year, alongside six other coins. For every ounce of gold Hummingbird produces from the Yanfolila Gold Mine, the company will be investing in community-based projects across West Africa. Find out more on Hummingbird’s dedication to sustainability.

These coins retail at the spot gold price at the time of purchase. If you would like to purchashe the full collection of seven coins, please click here.

QuantityPrice per unitMargin
1+ £1,005.916%
5+ £1,003.535.75%
10+ £1,001.165.5%
100+ £996.425%

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