Gold Bars

Looking to buy gold bars in the UK? At Betts Investments, we offer a range of gold bars for sale online.
With the lowest possible premiums over the gold price, gold bullion bars represent the most cost-effective way to invest in gold.

Our range of gold investment bars comes in various weights or sizes. They can be sold as small as per gram, per ounce, or even per kilogram. (See the latest Gold Price)
Deciding which size of gold bullion bar you want to buy may depend on several factors such as the brand name of the gold bullion companies (Betts, Umicore, or Metalor),
your premium and per ounce targets, your liquidity objectives, and of course your budget.

Over 250 Years of Betts

The Betts name has been inextricably linked with precious metals for over a quarter of a Millenium
and the family business is the oldest surviving precious metal refining and dealing business in the UK.

Discover more about the Betts family and its 250 year history.

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Showing all 7 results