Precious Metal Storage

Although many of our customers take pleasure in owning physical precious metal products, keeping high value precious metal items in your home can present a significant insurance risk.

Betts Investments Limited is able to offer fully allocated and insured secure storage for any products purchased from us. We offer a flexible, highly secure storage solution at a competitive and transparent price.

  • High security storage
  • Fully Insured
  • Individually segregated
  • Allocated
  • Competitively priced
  • Sale or delivery available at any time
Although allocated metal accounts are available for all Betts Investments customers, we do not generally recommend this option for customers who have purchased precious metals with a total value less than £5000, as the administration involved with managing these accounts makes this a relatively costly option. For higher values of investment, allocated storage can be a very sensible and cost effective choice.
Precious Metal Storage in a Secure Vault


  • £50 set up and administration fee
  • Annual storage and insurance fee at 0.6% of average LBMA value
  • Minimum storage and insurance fee of £50/quarter
  • Charged quarterly in arrears